Liz is a remarkable engineer of the human condition. She’ll take a tangled mess, hopelessly blank, or completely “numb and dumb” circumstances to total clarity in a matter of minutes. She knows what matters, what’s true, and what’s actionable — and none of it is “her version” of what your life should be. She’s made seismic shifts in my life easy, ownable, and sustainable... in a way that’s completely devoid of drill sergeant. Every time I talk to Liz, I leave with actions that are louder than words.
— A.F., Creative Director, Colorado Springs, CO

Hi! I'm Liz. My clients appreciate my sense of humor and insights. I’m down-to-earth and totally unpretentious — from the Midwest! — and also very practical (a Stanford-trained engineer). My super power is honing in on what is deeply resonant IN YOU (your aliveness) and encouraging that. Oftentimes we'll bump up against limiting beliefs you have about yourself or the world. It's my job to point those out and support you as you determine whether they are actually true for you or not. And how much power you want to give them.

I’m a kick-ass brainstorming partner and LOVE, love, love coming up with practical plans to get us from point HERE to point THERE, whether THERE is the launch of a new business, exploring a whole new career, building a career in a new field, figuring out what to do about your fertility, coming up with new product or program offerings, co-creating a roadmap for your business, or whatever. I’m smart, analytical and have a well-trained mind as well as well-honed intuition, which I credit with all my success. 

I'm an independent thinker — not much hampered by "what most people think."  (I mean, just look at my own career path from PhD candidate in Computer Science at Stanford to life coach??). That frees us up to explore WIDE and HUGE possibilities for you — finding the one that produces the biggest internal YES. Try me. You won't regret it. I guarantee.

I can’t remember the last time I felt this in control of my destiny. You’re the BEST! XO
— T.B., Solopreneur / Furniture Designer, San Francisco

My life experience

  • Coping with serious mental illness in the family; ditto suicide.
  • Discovering a compelling vision for my life which guided me for 13 years as I worked in tech as an engineer, software developer, researcher, program manager, etc.
  • Building a super successful career in a brand new field from scratch (from tech support person to PhD program in Computer Science at Stanford).
  • Dealing with and recovering from disordered eating and related. Finding freedom and peace.
  • Navigating various career-related decisions, such as: Should I quit my job? Should I take that job? Should I look for another job?
  • Deciding whether to freeze my eggs and freezing them (twice).
  • Responding to career burnout.
  • Recovering from perfectionism and major control issues! Coping with anxiety. Learning to let go.
  • Participating in 12-step recovery.
  • Discovering the work I was born to do.
  • Launching a new business; building a site, digital marketing (including email), etc.
  • Launching a startup.
  • Creating a business roadmap and individual product offerings.
  • Deciding to have a baby on my own at age 40. Getting pregnant :)
  • Various fertility treatments including IUI and IVF.
Liz has given me both the outside insight I needed to see past my limitations and the encouragement and support I needed to find and follow my true inner voice. She is insightful, enthusiastic, energetic, and brilliant. I had never done life coaching previously and found it to be an incredible experience. I am grateful for her help and I encourage anyone to work with her.
— W.B., Entrepreneur and Lawyer, Los Angeles, CA
I loved how the coaching got to the core of my issues in one session and gave me a cathartic release.
— L.B., Home Care Coordinator, San Francisco, CA
The biggest thing coaching has given me is the ability to trust myself. Trusting myself is a HUGE gift. It helps to make awful anxiety and fear go away. I’ve started to listen and follow what I want more. I changed course in my life plan recently and would have been to scared to make the leap if it hadn’t been for the self trust I gained from coaching.
— B.J., Solopreneur / Health and Wellness Coach, Omaha, NE

My background

I have a BA in American Studies from Georgetown  University and a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University. I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and I have completed two different coach training programs as well as an extensive program to become certified as a coach. As well, I have participated in retreats and other personal development programs including those focused on developing one's intuition, dealing with family dysfunction, recovering from disordered eating and love relationships, and more! Here are some of the highlights from my pre-coaching career:

We really zeroed in on my strengths. It was very affirming and is giving me confidence now as I move ahead.
— P.T., Solopreneur / Personal Organizer, San Francisco, CA
Liz is extremely good at listening without any judgement. She has a unique ability to break down complex issues into their simplest form and provide life-changing advice. Every time I work with Liz I feel comforted, inspired and ready to charge ahead.
— K.B., District Sales Manager, Omaha, NE
  • Awarded a patent for my original research in collaboration with my adviser Prof. John C. Mitchell.
  • Published in academic journals.
  • Consistently rated in the highest performance category in Microsoft annual reviews for the duration of my employment there.
  • Microsoft Gold Star Bonus Award, 2010.
  • Stanford University Department of Computer Science Service Award, June 2008.
  • Stanford University School of Engineering Fellowship, September 2007.
  • Stanford University Stephenson Memorial Award for Excellence in Masters Research, June 2006.
  • Stanford University Centennial Teaching Assistant Award, June 2005.