What coaching IS and ISN'T

Not here to kick your ass...
At least not in the way that you think.

I don't know what images or ideas you have about coaching: what it is, how it works, what it's like. People may naïvely expect a coach to be the worst Tiger Mom you could ever imagine: pushing, pushing, pushing you into achieving and doing things that are culturally-valued (I.e. big jobs, big titles). I can't speak for others but that is not my business at all. Not in the slightest.

This is not a "push" thing. I spent a whole lifetime pushing until I couldn't do it any longer – or at least couldn't convince myself any more that it was the most effective way. The first "A-ha" moment came when — as a PhD student in computer science at Stanford -- I thought to myself, "Hmm, I'm surrounded by bona fide computer geniuses and killing myself to barely keep up with them and not at all using the strengths and skills that are my strongest. Doesn't seem like a good strategy.”

Major lightbulb moment, which enabled me to begin thinking about leaving the PhD program in search of a role that might make better use of the skills and talents that were innately strongest in me. Jim Collins in Good to Great talks about "the curse of competency." I had that with the CS program. I could do it. But could I be best in the world at it? Nope. Being in the Stanford PhD among the Very Brightest Minds in CS enabled me to see that and not to feel bad about it. It just was what it was. I had other things that I COULD BE the best in the world at. (We all do.) So why not do those?

As a coach my job is to help you discover what you naturally long to do and clear the way for that to happen. By "clear the way," I mean point out and unmask any beliefs or biases that prevent you from pursuing what feels most alive (e.g. “I could never make money doing that” “People would judge me"). Once we get clear on a vision or target, it IS my job to hold you accountable — to yourself. To what you truly and deeply desire (in spite of fears, doubts or misgivings). 

Rather than being an adversary, I'm the best kick-ass partner your soul has ever had. The ultimate "yes" man so long as you're saying yes to what is most alive to you.