Liz has given me both the outside insight I needed to see past my limitations and the encouragement and support I needed to find and follow my true inner voice. She is insightful, enthusiastic, energetic, and brilliant. I had never done life coaching previously and found it to be an incredible experience. I am grateful for her help and I encourage anyone to work with her.
— W.B., Entrepreneur and Lawyer, Los Angeles, CA
I can’t remember the last time I felt this in control of my destiny.
— T.B., Solopreneur / Furniture Designer, San Francisco, CA
As a result of getting coaching with Liz, I quit my job, hiked across Spain, moved to NYC and am working for an awesome Italy company.
— K.K., Marketing Manager, New York, NY

Career Coaching

Self-knowledge is the Ultimate competitive advantage.

In massive bestseller "Good to Great," Stanford Business School professor Jim Collins makes the case that in order to be truly excellent, we must do work about which we are intrinsically passionate. Moreover, we "can't manufacture passion... you can only discover what ignites your passion." In other words, passion is not aspirational. It is comprised of the things we care about inherently — indeed that we have no choice but to care about. In fact, in order to find fulfillment professionally, we must be doing work that matters to us. Interestingly, little of our traditional career planning (which is more skills-based) asks this question or engages us in the process of discovering where we personally find meaning.

Passion is but one plank in the self-awareness portfolio. An equally vital portion is comprised of the beliefs we have about ourselves and the world. Nothing more powerfully shapes our experience than what we believe. "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't — you're right." —Henry Ford

A similarly important tool is intuition — a deeper sense of knowing and a more reliable guide than exclusive dependence on the thinking mind which, as has been oft noted, makes a better slave than master. Intuition is the wellspring of creativity and genius and is a tool available to all. 

  • Are you feeling stuck or humdrum in your current job but exhausted by the prospect of looking for another one?
  • Have you achieved some success and feel you CAN do whatever you want but just aren't sure what that is?
  • Are you thinking about quitting your job? Taking some job? Looking for another job? Considering other careers??
  • Do you want to care more about your work?
  • Do you daydream of taking a professional leap but find yourself, year after year, not getting any closer to it?
  • Could you use some help coming up with a vision (or plan) for your work and career?
  • Do you long to use your gifts to their greatest possible effect?
Liz is warm, highly intuitive and intelligent, insightful, and creative. I am happier, more fulfilled, better integrated, and wealthier than I was when we began our work together — a tribute to her talent!
— P.B., Solopreneur, San Francisco, CA
We really zeroed in on my strengths. It was very affirming and is giving me confidence now as I move ahead.
— P.T., Solopreneur / Personal Organizer, San Francisco, CA
Liz is a remarkable engineer of the human condition. She’ll take a tangled mess, hopelessly blank, or completely “numb and dumb” circumstances to total clarity in a matter of minutes. She knows what matters, what’s true, and what’s actionable — and none of it is “her version” of what your life should be. She’s made seismic shifts in my life easy, ownable, and sustainable... in a way that’s completely devoid of drill sergeant. Every time I talk to Liz, I leave with actions that are louder than words.
— A.F., Creative Director, Brentwood, CA
Sessions with Liz gave me a boost in confidence and clearer perspective on my objectives and goals.
— K.F., Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Omaha, NE
One thing I love about the coaching is the way I feel after our sessions: focused and with lots of ideas to pursue.
— Anonymous feedback