Discover a compelling vision for your Life.

So, you've been working for a decade or so and have learned some things about yourself and what you want (or more likely what you don't want). Perhaps you've discovered your own efficacy — the ability to make stuff happen. Now you're thinking, "OK, I've got this capability, how do I want to use it?" I.e. how do I want to use my gifts and skills? Seems like such a simple question but many of us have little experience answering it. As well it can be difficult to differentiate what WE want from what our parents, spouses, the culture seems to reward. That's where I come in. 

This is a deep-dive course on you. Designed to do a thorough work-up on what matters to you at core, where you find energy and aliveness, and where you are challenged. We'll also delve into your core beliefs about yourself and the world. Why these? Simply because they completely shape and determine your experience. And many of them may not even be chosen by you but rather inherited from your peer group, family or similar.


  • If you are amidst a professional transition (or are anticipating one)...
  • If you long to use your gifts to their fullest possible extent...
  • If you feel a little "humdrum" about your current career trajectory...
  • If you would like to uncover a vision of your future that inspires and energizes you...

Then you will benefit greatly from this program, which will:

  1. Motivate why "soft" (or mushy) things like passion and self-knowledge are the lynchpin to you being the most effective person (and professional) you can be.
  2. Self-discovery: participate in a variety of exercises and tools designed to get you in touch with who you are and what matters deeply to you.
  3. Self-awareness: gain more visibility into the underlying belief system that is guiding you and understand the impact of the various beliefs.
  4. Deeper guidance: get in touch with a deeper (and more reliable) mechanism for navigation and decision making than "merely" the rational mind.


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  • 12-week program. 10 coaching sessions.
  • Weekly readings and homework (estimated 1 hr time commitment per week).
  • Recurring weekly 1-hr one-on-one coaching session (with Liz).
  • Email and text-based support between appointments (for the duration of the program) available as well.


  • Must start by September 14th (or earlier).
  • Program totally tailored and customized to your specific questions and goals.

How much?

  • Cost: $1000.


  • There are only a handful of slots of available.